Recognition in the University

13 Demands Made by Black Students in Conference with President Knowles (1968)
“Blacks Make Steady Gains,” Northeastern News (May 10, 1968)

In the spring of 1968, Northeastern University African American students, galvanized by the death of Martin Luther King, presented NU president Asa S. Knowles with a list of thirteen demands, intended to redress the perceived white and Western bias inherent at NU. The demands ranged from curricular change to educational outreach to the African American community at large, and typified demands being made at universities across the country at that time.

Knowles responded positively, and many of the changes were made speedily. All the demands were eventually addressed. Among the outcomes were the creation of an African American Studies Department and the African American Student Center, later renamed the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute. From the Northeastern University Office of the President (Knowles) records and the Northeastern News.

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Thirteen Demands
"Blacks Make Steady Gains"
Lance, Peter
Northeastern University News