Gay Community News issues (1973, 1999)

In 1973, a group of gays and lesbians met at the Charles Street Meeting House in Boston to discuss the publication of a newsletter to unify and inform Boston’s gay and lesbian community on a continuous basis. On June 17, 1973, the first issue of the Gay Community News was printed and distributed. In less than a year, the GCN developed from a two-page mimeograph to an eight-page, tabloid-style paper. In the summer of 1978, the GCN became a national newspaper in focus and distribution. Advocating for gay rights and promoting awareness of the diversity of gay and lesbian lifestyles, the GCN was widely known as the most liberal newspaper in the gay and lesbian community and often dealt with controversial issues not covered by other publications. The final issue was in 1999. From the Bromfield Street Educational Foundation records.

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Gay Community Newsletter
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Gay Community News