Boston WAC Pride stickers (ca. 1994-1996)

The Women’s Action Coalition was a national organization of women committed to taking direct action on issues related to the rights of women. Members saw visible, public resistance as a means to achieve economic parity and representation for women; an end to sexism, homophobia, racism, religious prejudice, and violence against women; and recognition of women’s rights to health care, child care, housing, and reproductive freedom. Members placed artwork, stickers, and posters in public places to raise awareness about domestic violence, unequal pay for women, significant female historical figures, welfare reform measures, and political issues.
From the Women’s Action Coalition (Boston, Mass.) records.

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When all queers are safe then we can celebrate
Women's Action Coalition (Boston, Mass.)
Celebrate! Demonstrate! Pride is Political
Women's Action Coalition (Boston, Mass.)
Queers unite! Fight the right
Women's Action Coalition (Boston, Mass.)